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Post  ShinRyuKoOh on Fri Feb 05, 2010 4:59 am


I am ShinRyuKoOh, league leader of the Katipunan. I come here on account of my leaguemate miyata, who have reportedly looted about 10,000 resources from one of your members. While I am admittedly amazed that he was able to pull this feat, I recognize your member's need to survive in the TK Online game on equal footing with others, and that the loss of resources and troops is bad news.

With this, I propose that our leagues create an alliance. I believe an alliance would improve the in-game development of each other's members. Katipunan does not go to war and delves more in support and information exchange. I think we could work out a way to help our members become stronger.

I have already given miyata a heads-up on your concern. As for your demand for 10,000 resources, you can give me that member's coordinates and perhaps we can work out a reconstruction plan for him/her.




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